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Burgess or Bust

There are many words and phrases that describe Sam Burgess. Read any article about him and you will likely find him referred to as a ‘beast’ or a ‘man mountain’, or any other numerous ways of trying to get across what a unique physical specimen and gifted rugby player he is.

One phrase that does not describe Burgess, though, is one of the best centres in England.

rugby world cup 2015 minnows

Hungry Minnows: World Cup Ambitions for the Lowly Seeds

How does the World Cup experience manifest itself for those nations likely to be scrapping at the other end of the table? In fact ‘scrapping’ does them a disservice, for even writing the word reinforces the idea of a wise old ceiling existing between the guppies and the sharks that can have as much ‘pluck’ and ‘heart’ thrown at it as it wants…it won’t break.

The Brumbies, Tricks at Training

The Brumbies, Tricks at Training

Hopefully you’ve already seen the All-Blacks Tricks at training video. If not give it a watch first here. Now let’s see how the Brumbies get on, without trick photography. ‘In the game, I like...

All-Blacks Tricks at Training

All-Blacks Tricks at Training

Hey Guys! If you haven’t seen this before it’s definitely worth a peak. We all know it takes some serious skill to earn that black jersey with the silver fern, but who knew you...