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Positional training for centres

The perfect…12!

The perfect…12!

Hey Folks, today let’s enter the mad bad world of Inside Centre. Incidentally, after playing everywhere in the back line, the position I have settled on for the foreseeable future. Like a lot of...

Short-Pass, Long-Pass, Short-Pass 0

Short-Pass, Long-Pass, Short-Pass

Listed here as specifically for centres and number 10’s the ‘short-pass long-pass short-pass exercise’ is a great drill for all backs (indeed all rugby players). The skill level of the modern game is such...

Top Tips From James O’connor 0

Top Tips From James O’connor

I stumbled upon this great little article on James Haskell’s fitness and nutrition blog. Though brief, it features the prodigy of Australian rugby, James O’Connor, giving tips on strength and conditioning, specific training drills, and his pre-match...